Captain Gemini XXVIII Mary Louise Stansell

Captain Mary Louise Stansell is a native of Louisiana who was born in Shreveport.  However, as a young child, she spent many years living in Utah with her family before returning to Shreveport/Bossier for her High School years.  She is a devoted wife and mother of three children; Whitney, 24; Kristie, 19 and Christopher, 16.  She is currently employed at her family business, Independence Motors.

Captain Mary Louise Stansell has been a member of Gemini for 14 years and the Director of the Museum for the past 6 years. She has served on the Gemini Board of Directors; is past Duchess of Louisiana XVIII, Captain for Gemini XXIV and XXVII; Party Chairman; Royalty Chairman; 12th Night Chairman; Float Lieutenant for 9 years, and consort for 3 years to her Husband Chris during his year as Duke of Texas XVII and two years as Captain of Gemini XX and XXI.  And now, she is back once again as Captain for Gemini XXVIII.